Lunch – 20/05


Delicious Magazine rice salad with smoked peppered mackerel – 390 calories (higher calories due to mine making 10 portions and not 12)


Danone Danio High Protein 0% fat Greek yogurt with a passionfruit layer 131 calories

500ml of Robinsons no added sugar apple and blackcurrant 10 calories

Total = 531 calories

Great lunch. Delicious rice salad and yummy yogurt!

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2 thoughts on “Lunch – 20/05

  1. weighfinder says:

    That’s wierd. I found your blog this morning after your pear breakfast post and decided to follow it. I then bought that yogurt to try for the first time for my lunch and threw pot away forgetting to record calories. Then I find youve recorded it for me. thanks! I hear peach flavour is a winner also.

    • ameliaannakin says:

      Never tried the peach (although I’ve heard on the grapevine you can 5 for £1 in Jack Fulton Foods) but the cherry and blueberry are also very good!

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