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Afternoon snack – 18/05


50g of Snacking Essentials dried pitted dates 148 calories

Total = 148 calories

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After exercise snack – 18/05


Small banana (this wasn’t the one I had, mine was way smaller but I are it before I could take a picture as I was so hungry!) 72 calories

Total = 72 calories

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Tea – 17/05


One and a quarter portions of Sainsbury’s smoky fish bake 479 calories with two slices of crusty bread 160 calories

Can of diet coke 1 calorie

Total = 640 calories

Delicious tea. This is a really good recipe 🙂 yum!

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Afternoon snack – 16/05


Medium banana 90 calories

250ml cup of hot Robinsons no added sugar apple and blackcurrant 5 calories

Total = 95 calories

Bananas are a great before run food. 13 miles planned tonight so hopefully it will give me enough energy… going to need jelly babies too though I think!

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Lunch – 12/05

I went to the Trafford Centre today and went to Pizza Express. We got the three course menu for £12.95. I had…



Dough balls with garlic butter 342 calories



Pollo ad Astra leggera 500 calories


Chocolate fudge cake 344 calories

Total = 1,188 calories

I love Pizza Express and this is such a good deal! Mmmm love it!

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Lunch – 11/05

I went out for lunch today to a Fayre & Square pub and had…


Chicken tikka masala with rice and two poppadoms 604 calories

Pint of diet Pepsi 4 calories

Total = 608 calories

The Fayre and Square pubs are really good. They’re all 2 for £10 across most meals (some are like a pound extra) but they’re really delicious and the pubs and really nice inside too. They also have calorie counts for most of the meals on the website which is good :). The chicken tikka masala is my favourite meal from there. For pub food it is really low in calories and yet it is really delicious and you get loads :). And it is really high in protein which was great after my 13 mile run this morning!

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On and after the run – 11/05

On my run I had…


25g (5 and a half) Asda mini jelly babies 88 calories

These are great for giving an energy boost along. The way. My faves!

After the run I had…

500ml of Robinsons no added sugar apple and blackcurrant 10 calories

Total = 98 calories

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Drinks – 08/05


Three Malibu and diet cokes 230 calories

Total = 230 calories

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Drinks – 07/05

Two double Malibu and diet cokes 204 calories

Total = 204 calories

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