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April Summary

So it’s that time of month again, and hasn’t it flown!! I can’t believe it’s a full month since I was doing my March summary. I have had lots of really good food again this month, again not depriving myself of anything and eating healthily along the way. Here are some of my highlights…



Weight Watchers bagel and two tablespoons of Tesco crunchy peanut butter 348 calories – I have been trying to up my protein intake which means lots more peanut butter, which I love. This is a delicious breakfast!


Look What We Found golden syrup creamy porridge pot with 20g of Aldi Sweetvine Californian raisins 274 calories – this was delicious! I have been trying to find these pots ever since and I can’t get them anywhere. If anyone finds them, please let me know where from!!



Delicious magazine rice salad with smoked peppered mackerel – 325 calories – this used to be one of my staple lunches but my mum hasn’t made it in a while. I was quite disappointed with the first one I had but this has got better and is now back to being one of my favourite lunches. I love it 🙂


BBC Good Food Mediterranean scone – – with a tablespoon of butter 395 calories – I first made these a little while ago and like the rice salad haven’t had them for a while but they are quick and easy to make and freeze really well so they are great for a quick and easy lunch. Warm them up for 30 seconds in the microwave and smear with butter and they are delicious! Yum!



Salmon in coconut chilli sauce with a third of a bag of Sainsbury’s basmati rice 575 calories – I love salmon and this is one of my favourite salmon recipes. Although you think it might, the sauce doesn’t overpower the fish. It is just simply delicious.


Cannelloni with creamed haddock 688 calories – both of this months favourite teas are fish based. I am a bit of a fish addict. This is delicious though. It is out of a very old cookbook of my mums and she only makes it very rarely but it is so worth it when she does!



Apples in a bag/bowl – – topped with fat free Greek yogurt 117 calories – this is AMAZING! Definitely my new favourite recipe of the month. I actually can’t get enough of it! Try it… NOW!


25g of Asda mini jelly babies 88 calories – as I have been running a lot more and been doing a 13 mile run on weekends, I have been looking into energy foods for races to keep me going and I tried jelly babies last week and they seemed to work a treat. I didn’t feel as tired at the end of my run and they gave me energy boosts along the way – even if they were only in my head!

Thanks for following my blog this month 🙂 I have really enjoyed blogging once again and will continue to do this!! I love looking back at all the things I’ve made 🙂 and I hope it’s giving you all some inspiration.

Let me know if you have any comments or feedback on how I could improve the blog – or if you want any of the recipes that aren’t online so I haven’t got links too 🙂

Once again, thanks…

Amelia x


Summary – 30/04

Breakfast 361 calories
Lunch 406 calories
Tea 630 calories
Snacks 367 calories

Total = 1,764 calories

Really good day. I love bagels, my chickpeas were lovely at lunch and I had a delicious homemade tea :). Good snacks too!


Bedtime snack – 30/04


Warm cinnamon spiced bananas (based on this blog post from Buns in my Oven – – one medium banana 90 calories chopped into chunks and put in a bowl with a teaspoon of brown sugar 15 calories, a third of a teaspoon of cinnamon 2 calories and a couple of drops of almond extract (I had no vanilla) 0 calories microwaved for 30 seconds, stirred, then put back into the microwave for a minute and topped with 50g of Liberte strained Greek style 0% yogurt 29 calories

250ml of hot Robinsons no added sugar apple and blackcurrant 5 calories

Total = 141 calories

This wasn’t as good as the apple with Greek yogurt. The warm banana and Greek yogurt didn’t go as well as I thought it would. I ended up eating the banana and then the yogurt with the juices. In the future, I will have this with ice cream – yum!

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Tea – 30/04


Homemade chilli with extra lean mince 356 calories

Homemade pitta bread – Lorraine Pascale’s recipe 179 calories

Morrison’s garlic bread slice 90 calories

Two cans of diet coke with cherry 5 calories

Total = 630 calories

Chilli is one of my favourite meals. My mums homemade chilli is absolutely delicious. She also made these pitta breads. Yum! And I couldn’t resist a slice of garlic bread as it smelt delicious! Great tea.

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Afternoon snack – 30/04


Gala apple 71 calories

50g of Liberte Strained Greek Style 0% Yogurt 29 calories

250ml cup of hot Robinsons no added sugar apple and blackcurrant 5 calories

Total = 105 calories

So refreshing… still one of my favourites. I really don’t have this enough. Greek yogurt really does go with everything!

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Lunch – 30/04


BBC Good Food chickpeas with tomatoes and spinach – 145 calories

Sainsbury’s Be Good to Yourself mini naan bread 120 calories

Danone Danio high protein 0% fat strained yogurt with a passionfruit layer 131 calories

500ml of Robinsons no added sugar apple and blackcurrant 10 calories

Total = 406 calories

Great lunch. These chickpeas are delicious and quite filling and the Danone Danio yogurts are amazing!

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Morning snack – 30/04


25g of Metcalfe’s heat ‘n’ sweet popcorn 112 calories

Two 250ml cups of Robinsons no added sugar apple and blackcurrant 10 calories

Total = 122 calories

I actually love popcorn. It’s so light but so delicious. I never thought I would like savoury popcorn but I have surprised myself… still can’t face salted popcorn though!

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Breakfast – 30/04


Weight Watchers bagel – toasted 158 calories

Two tablespoons of Tesco crunchy peanut butter 190 calories

Tesco apple and blackcurrant fruit splash 13 calories

Total = 361 calories

Mmm bagel! Mmm peanut butter!

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Summary – 29/04

Breakfast 330 calories
Lunch 468 calories
Tea 523 calories
Snacks and drinks 492 calories

Total = 1,813 calories

Back on track today after eating too much ice cream yesterday. Great day!


Dessert – 29/04


Instant frozen berry yogurt (based on this BBC Good Food recipe – – 80g of Sainsbury’s Black Forest frozen fruits 31 calories mashed with 20g of Total 0% Greek yogurt 11 calories (all that I had left at the end of the tub :() and 50g of Liberte strained Greek style 0% yogurt 29 calories (I have stocked up on this whilst it’s still on offer at Sainsbury’s) then swirled with 10g of Aldi Grandessa clear honey 33 calories

250ml cup of hot Robinsons no added sugar apple and blackcurrant 5 calories

Total = 109 calories

Quick, easy, light and low calorie. Yum!

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