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Tea – 19/06


Takeaway 11″ Margherita pizza 860 calories

Three cans of diet coke with cherry 8 calories

Total = 868 calories

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Lunch – 05/05

I went to Compos for lunch today. It was delicious. I had…


Cod and chips 930 calories (based on one serving of Jack in the Box large fish & chips)

Can of diet coke 1 calorie

Total = 931 calories

I love fish and chips! Compos are the best fish and chips ever! Sat out in the sunshine, this was fantastic!

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Tea – 20/03


Takeaway 11″ Margherita pizza 860 calories

A bottle of diet coke 2 calories

Total = 862 calories

My mum usually cooks for me, my sister and my brother-in-law on a Wednesday night but she’s gone away for the week so we decided to get a takeaway. My favourite is a Margherita and it was really good! I really enjoyed this. After 5k it was just what I needed! It’s great to have a treat now and again!

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