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Tea – 15/06

I went to Pizza Express and had the £12.95 three course menu…



Dough balls with garlic butter 342 calories



Pollo ad Astra romana pizza 813 calories



Chocolate fudge cake 344 calories

Two small glass bottles of diet coke 2 calories

Total = 1,501 calories

I love Pizza Express and I was starving. This was a perfect tea! Yum!

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Lunch – 12/05

I went to the Trafford Centre today and went to Pizza Express. We got the three course menu for £12.95. I had…



Dough balls with garlic butter 342 calories



Pollo ad Astra leggera 500 calories


Chocolate fudge cake 344 calories

Total = 1,188 calories

I love Pizza Express and this is such a good deal! Mmmm love it!

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Tea – 07/05


Pizza Express Pollo ad Astra Romana pizza 813 calories

Two diet cokes 2 calories

Total = 815 calories

Love Pizza Express! So full after this!

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Tea – 05/04

Tonight I am going to see Alfie Boe at Sheffield Arena so on the way we stopped at Pizza Express at Certertainment in Sheffield for the £12.95 three course menu. I had…


Dough balls with garlic butter 342 calories


American hot leggera pizza 500 calories (I ate half of it before I remembered to take a picture – it still looks good though!)


Chocolate fudge cake 344 calories (I totally forgot to take a picture of this before I ate it all but an empty plate is the sign of a good meal!!)

Three 330ml bottles of diet coke 3 calories

Total = 1,189 calories

Pizza Express is one of my favourite restaurants. It’s so good!! I loved tea tonight 🙂

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Tea – 10/03


Diavolo Romano base pizza (874 calories) and a diet coke (1 calorie) – no images sorry, I was too busy enjoying it!

Followed by…


Banoffee pie (371 calories) and a cup of tea with milk and one sugar (36 calories)

Total = 1,282 calories

I usually go for the leggera pizza, with salad, at Pizza Express however I was really fancying a diavolo today and because I did 12.5k this morning, I thought I deserved it! I was also going to go for the lemon meringue torta dolcetti (mini desserts that come with coffee/tea) for dessert however they were all out and because it’s the last day of British Pie Week, how could I not have the banoffee pie?! They gave me the tea for free because they had already made it!

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