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Afternoon snack – 21/06



50g of Snacking Essentials dried pitted dates 148 calories

250ml cup of hot Robinsons no added sugar apple and blackcurrant squash 5 calories



Margarita cocktail 215 calories

Total = 368 calories

We won an industry award at work yesterday so I went out for cocktails after work to celebrate and had a margarita 🙂 mmmmm

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Drinks – 26/05


Two pink vodkas and diet lemonade 210 calories

Total = 210 calories

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Drinks – 08/05


Three Malibu and diet cokes 230 calories

Total = 230 calories

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Drinks – 07/05

Two double Malibu and diet cokes 204 calories

Total = 204 calories

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Tea – 13/04

I had homemade tapas for tea. We made…

Patatas bravas – two potatoes (260 calories) tossed in a teaspoon of olive oil (40 calories) and roasted in the oven for forty minutes, then topped with a tin of Aldi Sweet Harvest chunky chopped tomatoes (74 calories) and a tablespoon of chill flakes (3 calories). This made two servings so it was 189 calories

Chorizo – 100g of Tesco Finest Spanish chorizo ring (460 calories) fried in a teaspoon of olive oil (40 calories). Again, this made two servings 250 calories

Pinchitos Morunos – my mum made these for us, they are pork kebabs in a dressing. We put one piece of pork on each kebab stick however these calories are estimated from Food.com’s recipe for Andalucian Pinchitos Morunos – Moorish Saffron Meat Skewers with 6 pieces of meat to a skewer – two skewers or 12 pieces of meat 170 calories

Half of a Weight Watchers part baked petit pain 56 calories

6 glasses of Pimms and diet lemonade 486 calories

Total = 1,151 calories

I love tapas and this was delicious. I did over fry the chorizo though but the potatoes and pork kebabs more than made up for it! Yum.

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The rest of the day – 31/03

Yesterday I went to Liverpool for my friends birthday, hence why I didn’t log after breakfast. During the day I ate and drank…

Car journey


Homemade butterfly bun 165 calories

Liverpool in the day


Strawberry and lime Rekorderlig cider 315 calories

A quarter of a churro (sample from a street vendor) 45 calories

Malibu and diet coke 52 calories


We went to Ask, it was lovely and much recommended.

Three dough balls – two cheese and chilli and one pancetta 150 calories (this is estimated based on Tesco’s garlic dough balls as they haven’t yet supplied calorie info for these as they are new on the menu)

Quarter of a tablespoon of balsamic 3 calories


Linguine Con Frutti Di Mare 637 calories

Three rustic chips 63 calories

Water 0 calories

Back at the hotel and pre-drinking

Malteaster mini bunny 62 calories

7 Malibu and diet cokes 356 calories


One shot 50 calories


Two shot of Tequila 138 calories


Three shots 150 calories

Total = 2,186 calories

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Drinks – 02/03

One cup – 250ml – of hot Robinson’s apple and blackcurrant (5 calories), three and a half glasses of pimms and lemonade (298 calories) with fruit (46 calories), a few swigs if Smirnoff ice (32 calories), two shots (116 calories) and two glasses of Malibu and diet coke (102 calories)

Total – 599 calories

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